Point of Care Journals
For the professionals dealing with what really matters at the point of care


Technology @ Point of Care

Articles describing the application of technology in its widest definition in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients.

Typical examples include diagnostic tools in-hospital, in ambulatory settings and at home, wearable devices for monitoring physiological variables during daily life; devices for facilitating drug administration; applications of telemedicine and tele-health; mobile applications for improving patients compliance to medications etc.

Questions @ Point of Care

Articles starting with a brief description of a typical or atypical case, followed by a series of questions, possibly but not necessarily in logical or chronological sequence,  whose answers help the readers in highlighting the clinical reasoning underpinning diagnostic, therapeutic and follow up decisions in the single patient.


Research @ Point of Care

Articles describing the practical application of research findings at bedside.

Typical examples include observational studies in consecutive patient’s series in daily setting, clinical study protocols aimed at improving patient’s care,  application of narrative medicine in the clinical setting, proof of concept observations at bedside etc.

Patients @ Point of Care

Articles describing patient case series and reports where the point of care approach has been significantly influenced by genetic, nutritional, behavioral, or other factors influencing patient outcome. This might include use of non-traditional medicine, physician to patient communication, nursing support, role of caretakers, social networking initiatives etc.